GDPR Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is kept in place by the people and for the people. Our first concern is our visitors, we make it our first priority to keep their private details safe. Whatever logincards collects and records are included in this Privacy Policy document.

We would love to solve any issues you have regarding our Privacy Policy, to clear your issue contact us through email at

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is an acronym for General Data Protection Regulation and we are the one who controls your information. You can call us your information controller.

It deals with the legal basis for collecting and using the personal information described in this Privacy Policy depends on the Personal Information we collect and the specific context in which we collect the information:

  • You have given logincards permission to do so
  • Processing your personal information is in  logincards’ legitimate interest and is necessary for providing services
  • logincards needs to comply with the law

logincards will retain your personal information only for as long as it is necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. We will also utilize your information or intel so that we can comply with our legal agreement. The extent of this utilization would be defined by our necessity and legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforcing our policies.

Citizens of Europe have certain protection right over the data which means it is their right to know what private information our websites have of them. They can also ask us to remove those sets of information under different cases. You just need to contact us and let us know.

This is a list of all the rights you have to protect your data, Under any circumstances.

  • You should have easy access to your information.
  • You must be able to modify or even delete your personal information.
  • You can object and be against the system.
  • You can rectify
  • Limit your data to limited access
  • You can have your data fluid and make it more portable
  • You are allowed to withdraw your consent any time

What do we understand by Log Files?

logincards work like a register, when a visitor visits our site and browse or surf on our site those are logged into our server and this creates log files. This logging of files is not done manually, the system itself generated all this information. We just set the protocol. Log files are vital parts of service hosting and web analytics. These log files we acquire from your activity help us understand what type of browser you use, the time and date you accessed our site, ISP, the number of clicks and internet protocol. These data have no link to your personal information. Log files play a vital role.

Do you know about Web Beacons and Cookies?

Every website needs cookies to help their website be better.logincards are no different, we use cookies too. Cookies help us to store information about visitors’ preferences and what pages they accessed recently. This will help us to make your experience better on our website. We would be able to optimize your experience level through customization of this information.

Google DoubleClick DART Cookie

Now we have an understanding of what is cookies. We cater to many sites and also google. Dart cookies are what Google uses. These Dart cookies serve ads to whoever visits the site. The ads are based on your activities on various websites on the internet. It is not compulsory that use these dart cookies. We can refuse this and not use the dart cookies. You can refuse this, visit Google then go to the content network privacy option and click on disable these Dart Cookies. If you are still not clear about dart cookies and want to know more, then here is a link that will help you understand better and in detail.

Want to know more about Privacy Policies?

It is never going to harm you if you know more about various aspects of Google. It will help you in numerous ways. This list will help you do exactly that to know more privacy policies. The Privacy Policy of each advertising partner is explained in detail.

There are many ad servers from third-party. Now, These ad servers use cookies, JavaScript and Web Beacons to gain intel for their respective advertisements. They also use web links that are directly sent to the browser of the user. These ad servers also gain information during browsing sessions, this Information is IP address. Cookies and Javascript are such technologies that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their advertising campaigns. These technologies help to personalize the advertising content on different websites the user visits.

logincards uses information from the internet users but it has nothing to do with the cookies used by third-party advertising agents. We are not the ones who control those cookies.

Comprehending Third Party Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy of the logincards definitely does not cater to other advertising bodies or websites. We would suggest users read the privacy policy of any third-party ad servers to have a better understanding of it. If you still think you need to know more about privacy policies then visit this link – Privacy Policy Links.

You are in full control over the choice of allowing or rejecting the cookies of any particular site. You can disable it through your browser.

Children Supervision and Data Safety

We are fully in support of children’s safety and we want to help with our information on exposure to the internet and their safety from the internet. The foremost step should be able to supervise your children on a regular basis. We also persuade the seniors to know what their children’s activity is on the internet.

logincards is a site that is against using the information for other purposes that can come under fraud. We would not perform any such activity of collecting information. We take information only from people above the age of thirteen. We would also help you, in any case, you and your kid by mistakenly gave us information you didn’t want to give. Contact us as soon as you can and we will help you accordingly.

Our Clean Online Privacy Policy

We have created our privacy policy for activities that occur on our online website. The users who visit our sites and uses our services need to go through our privacy policy, it’s for them. We do not deal with any other sources which do the same work as ours collect information.


We hope you have gone through the logincards and acquired all the helpful information. It is implied that you agree to our policy and accept our terms and conditions when you use our website.