Privacy Policy

Welcome to (the “Site”). We understand the importance of online privacy and we keep our user’s privacy as a top priority. This statement as under described is valid for the users (in any way) or visitors of Hereby, “” would be pronounced so any such word similar to “this site” would be considered as “” “Personally Identifiable Information” Here on our website, on any of the pages, Personally Identifiable Information refers to any information that identifies a person( visitor or user). collects name and email address as your private information.

We do not collect any personal data without consent first. Even while asking for demographic information we will ask for your consent and it won’t be asked anonymously. How do we store your personal information? Our database is the answer to that. stores all the personal information securely. This personal information is safe in our database. No third-party is allowed any form of access to our servers. For that matter not even are employees can access personal information from our servers. uses cookies? Yes, We do use Cookies but it is only for the matter to improve our visitor’s experiences on our site.

These cookies are stored on the user’s computer when he tries to get access to our site. How does use digital information?  A website needs to analyze the environment around it to know exactly what is needed to make this website better. uses digital information to make it more and more user-friendly for our visitor’s. IP addresses, ISPs, and User-Agent are the type of digital information we generally need to analyze the elements of our website.

This digital information helps us to answer questions like the search traffic of our website, how much time a user is spending on our site, how many users are active and questions similar to this. How keep your personal information safe and secure? Our team at knows all the necessary details of security policy and practices. Only qualified employees can access your personal information for intentional purposes.

These qualified employees can access your personal information from our system alone even then they will require a password. We tend to have safety proof checks through regular audit and inspection of our security systems. We try our best but we cannot guarantee there will be no tampering or break-ins. We won’t be liable for such events. How can Users(or visitors) update to make any changes in any inaccuracies in Personally Identifiable Information? Users (or visitors) may contact to update any inaccuracies in Personally Identifiable Information by emailing at What to do when you want to delete your personal information from We try for our users to not use this option anytime but in case there is a situation where you want to delete your personal information from our database.

All you need to do is contact us and tell us to delete your personal information and we will do it. Contact us through email on However, the data is never completely deleted there is some residual data that will suggest the time you entered the site and information like that. We do not manually delete a person’s personal information. It is done functionally. We won’t use the deleted personal information in any way. How to know about any amendments made in the Privacy Policy of Whenever we make any modification in our privacy policy. We always tend to notify our users.

Our subscribed users will be notified through emails personally. In the case of unsubscribed users, they will be notified through a common pop-up box on our homepage. Furthermore, Personal Information may get leaked during making any changes in the privacy policy. If that happens we will personally email the user or use other elements available and let them know.

 Thereafter the user can approve the request of disclosure or deletion of their Personal Information. Links: Articles on our website will contain different links to other websites, we do so to make our user’s understanding easier. All the links would be related to the topic of our articles. You should note that these links to other websites may have a different privacy policy than ours so we advise you to read it.